/  Monika Różalska

Monika Różalska

The Managing Director of CREATORS IDEAtion LAB in Tel Aviv

Monika Różalska is a co-founder and the managing director of the CREATORS lab, whose goal it is to connect international corporations and experienced business people to develop new technologies based on technological needs of the world markets. The programmes conducted by CREATORS engage corporations and innovative companies from all over the world as well as Start-Up Nation – an Israeli region rich in groundbreaking technologies.

Before Monika joined CREATORS, she worked as a deputy president of The Hive accelerator – an Israeli programme directed at young start-ups from all over the world.

Monika comes from Warsaw, where she studies applied linguistics and law. Later, she worked in the Polish and German public and NGO sectors. She speaks English, German and Hebrew. She has lived in Israel for 4 years.


CREATORS is an Idea Lab, which reversed the model of developing innovation through a programme of co-creating groundbreaking technologies based on the world’s best methodologies (MIT, Stanford) by partners from different sides of the ecosystem: experienced business people, international corporations and medium-sized companies, universities as well as research institutes and start-ups. CREATORS implements various programmes, like IDEAtion LAB for international corporations, innovation courses for companies, acceleration programmes for start-ups from all over the world, “Challenge Laboratory”, etc.