/  Marek Kamiński

Marek Kamiński

A Polish explorer of polar regions, traveller, entrepreneur.

A Polish explorer of polar regions, traveller, entrepreneur. As the first man in history, he reached both Earth’s Poles within one year. He has hiked for over 35 years. He took the first trip on his own from Gdańsk, where he comes from, to Łódź when he was eight years old. This was enough for him to be bitten by the travel bug. He has always set himself remote goals and asked many questions – it is not a coincidence that he has studied philosophy at the University of Warsaw. He has not only travelled to both Poles, but also to Spitsbergen, Mount Blanc, Vinson Massif or Gunnbjørn Fjeld, the highest peak of Greenland. During the “Vistula Expedition” he kayaked from the river’s spring to its outlet, while during the 3rd Pole Biegun project he walked over 4 thousand kilometres from Immanuel Kant’s grave in Kaliningrad to St. James’s grave in Santiago de Compostela. He keeps planning new expeditions all the time. The nearest one – No Trace Expedition – will present a new concept of travelling around the world, which will not have any negative impact on environment, thanks to modern technologies.
In his everyday life he works at a foundation whose goal is to help the needy overcome barriers and fulfil their dreams. Through his activities, he shapes man’s better future in harmony with nature, surrounding and the world. He organises motivation workshops, Pole Conqueror Camps for children and teenagers or conducts charity campaigns for people in the foundation’s care. An author of children’s books (Chłopiec, który miał marzenia/A Boy With Dreams) or books about traveling the world and inner travel (like Trzeci biegun/The Third Pole or Idź własną drogą/Go Your Own Way). He is inspired by books, meditation, sport, and, certainly, by travel. He loves learning foreign languages and drinking green tea.
Pola and Kay’s father. A husband.