/  Marcin Zagórski

Marcin Zagórski

A manager and consultant with over 25-year experience in implementing innovations, strategy and financial management, capital investments, M&A, globalization and development of start-ups as well as economic development. He understands both small and enormous companies as well as the way they conduct business or the development barriers they encounter. He has experience in many fields, from food processing to ICT.

IVONA Software (the author of the world’s best speech synthesis technology) is the best example of his work for innovative small and medium-sized companies. First, he helped the company in development and globalisation. Finally, at the end of the company’s path, he helped it, as it was taken over by Amazon.com, Inc. and after that, he conducted its integration with the buyer. The transaction was a spectacular example showing that Polish companies could create world-class technologies, interesting for the world’s largest concerns.

He has created and manages many companies, including the Venture Capital fund (VC). As an advisor for the Minister of Economy and Deputy President of the Polish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, he also assisted the development of an environment for VC funds in Poland. It resulted in setting up of the National Capital Fund, a “fund of funds”, whose aim is to minimise the “capital gap” on the Polish investment market.

He specializes in:

  • Investments in small/medium-sized enterprises: identifying bargains, conducting investments, care and value increase until a successful exit, together with the due diligence and subsequent integration process;
  • A wide array of business areas, from food industry, through energetics, to ICT;
  • VC funds management, creating transaction stream, portfolio management;
  • Financial and strategy management.